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Sometimes we ARE given more than we can handle

Posted in Uncategorized by fitvsfiction on June 15, 2015

Nobody asked me if it was ok

Before they took my big brother away

Nobody asked me if I’d be alright

without any parents to kiss me goodnight

I’m angry as hell that they left me alone

But where will it get me to bitch and to moan

Will God bring them back if I say Pretty Please,

Beg for his mercy from down on my knees?

I lay in a hospital, unable to speak

Machines did my breathing, my body so weak

I fought hard for my baby, prayed he’d hold on

But my body betrayed me, my child was gone

No chance to hold him, How soft he’d have been

I touched his ashes, but never his skin

Nobody promised that life would be fair

But how many losses can one person bear?

What will it take to prove that I’m tough,

that all that I’ve been through is more than enough?

I’ve gotten quite good at hiding my pain

But sometimes I feel like I’m going insane

The strong fearless woman that others still see

Is slowly becoming a stranger to me

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