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Excuse me, Jenny Craig, but I thought ALL women were Real!

Posted in Uncategorized by fitvsfiction on January 5, 2013

While I can’t say I’ve ever been a huge Kardashian fan (what do they DO, anyway?) and I am also not a fan of weightloss companies paying pregnant celebrities obscene amounts of money to lose their baby weight immediately after delivering their offspring, I find it repulsive that weightloss mogul Jenny Craig would explain that they have no interest in working with Ms. Kardashian because she is not “Real” enough to fit in to their “Real bodies for Real women” campaign.

Pardon me, Jenny??

Apparently, it’s been rumored that Kim’s had Botox, a nose job and possible butt lift. A celebrity with Botox?! say it ain’t so! Give me a break. I have a hard time believing that jenny Craig could care less about what kind of cosmetic surgery her spokespeople may have had and is more concerned with the fact that Kim’s natural curves may make for a “before and after” picture that wouldn’t be quite extreme enough to earn her the big bucks.

Again, I find the fame of the Kardashian clan baffling, but admire the way Kim seems truly comfortable in her body and doesn’t hide her shape the way so many of us do. I don’t care if a women has a lot of curves, a few curves or no curves at all. I don’t care if she dyes her hair or lets it go gray. I don’t care if she spends a fortune on cosmetics or prefers to go au naturel and I also don’t care if she celebrates her wrinkles or pays to have them removed. We are all REAL women!

Truth be told, I wish we lived in a society where healthy bodies were as revered as skinny ones and getting older wasn’t seen as a curse but as the blessing it actually is, but I refuse to judge and compare my sisters and think we could all be a little less judgemental and a little more supportive.






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