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I’m gagging over Gaga’s “weight” problem!

Posted in Uncategorized by fitvsfiction on September 20, 2012
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With of the BIZARRE, OUTLANDISH and CONTROVERSIAL shenanigans Lady Gaga takes part in regularly, is her WEIGHT REALLY what has people talking today??

The headlines are fierce. Gaga is gaining weight. She eating too many burgers and hiding her massive girth gain under oversized clothing.

For real?

She looks fine to me. But really, who cares? WHO CARES??

People complain when she looks too thin, then they complain when she looks too fat. She can’t win! Can any female celebrity? WHY is weight such an issue? Is her health at risk? certainly not from her size. IF she is experiencing some weight related health issues, they are probably stemming from whatever pressure she’s feeling to live up to the physical expectations other people have of her.

She’s a singer. A performer. A very successful one. There are people who love her, others that dislike her and probably even more who couldn’t care less. Question is, what does her weight have to do with anything at all? IF she DOES have weight issues, pointing them out in the press ain’t gonna help.

Let the woman sing, dance and continue to baffle the world with insane fashion choices, but for heaven’s sake, leave her body alone!


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