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All that’s missing are the red swimsuits, Pam Anderson and the Hoff!

            Where’s the Hoff?   

I had to laugh when I was standing in line at the bookstore this morning and overheard an exchange between two young women standing behind me. It went like this:

Girl #1: Are you gonna by this month’s Vogue ?

Girl #2: Naw, it looks like Baywatch!

How right she was. Have you seen this  month’s Vogue magazine cover “Celebrating” Olympic athletes? On it, you’ll find Ryan Lochte (swimmer) linking arms and running on the beach with gold swimsuit wearing Venus Williams (Tennis) and Hope Solo (soccer). The issue is supposed to be less about fashion and more about athleticism, but I don’t get it. I think the thing that I’m finding the most frustrating is the fact that Venus’ body has been slimmed down by the photoshopping powers that be! If they TRULY wanted to celebrate athletes, they would honor her STRONG, MUSCULAR physique instead of airbrushing it away. I guess hard work, dedication and skill make great champions, but lousy cover models. I believe that the girls I heard in the bookstore this morning were exactly the target market Vogue is aiming for, yet they were as unimpressed with the cover as I am. It certainly doesn’t shout, “OLYMPICS!” Instead it kind of whispers Olympics but yells, “Hot Summer Bodies!” Exactly HOW is that different from virtually every other fashion magazine this time of year?

I love sports and am raising two young athletes and think that Olympians are amazing human beings who bleed, sweat and cry their sports of choice and I just find it incredibly disappointing that even something like the Olympic games needs to be sexualized. Inside the magazine are images of athletes posing with model Karlie Kloss (like the one of her being hurdled over by Ashton Eaton). I know, I know, It’s a fashion magazine, with fashion models and maybe I’m being a tad too oversensitive, but I like to call things as they are. Don’t pretend to be celebrating athletics when you’re really celebrating athletic bodies, as you think they should look. I’m just sayin’…




2 Responses to 'All that’s missing are the red swimsuits, Pam Anderson and the Hoff!'

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  1. Sarah said,

    Hear hear! I had always been ashamed of my muscular thighs until I started really getting into working out … and they got even bigger. But they are big because they are STRONG, and I worked at making them that way, and if for some reason I was ever on the cover of a magazine (that’ll be the day 😛 ) I would be pissed as hell if someone photoshopped them away.

    • fitvsfiction said,

      Good for you, Sarah!
      Be proud of what your fabulous can do! keep traning and keep being kind and loving to yourself!

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