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“Shouldn’t they be thinking about their babies instead?” asked my 13 year old son.

Enough already!

I get it. Celebrity women can get pregnant, be pregnant, deliver the baby and then be back to their pre-baby bodies within weeks. It’s nothing new. So can we please stop talking about it now??

I don’t believe in judging other people and truly believe in a “live and let live” philosophy, unless what’s being done is harmful to others. While I understand that celebrities are under a vicious type of scrutiny that us “regular folks” don’t have to deal with and I understand the intense pressure they’re under to look picture perfect minutes after childbirth, what I don’t appreciate is why the rest of us have to follow suit!

It must be awful to have to worry about people criticizing you on television and in magazines right after having experienced what shouldĀ be an incredible, life changing event. It must absolutely SUCK to have to spend what little time and energyĀ Ā they have, stressing overĀ the added pounds neccessary during pregnancy, but if they feel the need to throw themselves into extreme workout regiments and ultra restrictive diet plans, so be it. My anger comes from how the media tries to make it seem like THEY’R doing the right thing and the rest of us are just being lazy.

This week’s People magazine is FILLED with articles showing us which celebrities (male and female) have the BEST beach Ā bodies and offers tips on how we can look just like them. It also shows us picture after picture of celebrity moms who were able to regain their hot pre-baby bodies within weeks of giving birth. Thanks People magazine, Lord knows we don’t have enough people trying to sell us unrealistic physical ideals to look up to! How horrible it would be if we weren’t shamed into self-loathing every minute of every friggin’ day!

Again, If an actress feel the need to lose her pregnancy weight right away, I won’t judge her. What I will judge is how the rest of us are made to feel like we should be doing the same thing! For once, I would love to read an interview with one of these moms and have her say, “Yup, I need to lose weight quickly so I started 4 hour workout sessions with my trainer and started following an insanely restrictive diet. It sucks. I felt lousy. But it’s what I needed to do to stay competitive in an industry focused more on image than talent.” THAT, I would respect. However, what we actually hear isĀ how theirĀ super quick weight comes from things like: drinking lotsĀ of water, doing pilates and taking care of a baby.Ā  That may be part of the reason, but it certainly isn’t all of it.

My sons were at the grocery store with me last night when we saw this week’s People magazine at the check out counter. My 13 year old asked, ” Shouldn’t they be thinking about their babies instead?” He then went on to ask me why anyone would put themselves onĀ a dietĀ and not let themselves eat food that they like just to be skinny? he asked, “Why is it so important to be skinny?!” Good question. Being HEALTHY is important. BeingĀ skinny? Not so much.

I realize that this is an issue that has been discussed many times and that my frustration with it is hardly unique. But I cannot properly express how disgusted I am with how we’ve managed to let the entertainment industry set the bar for how we’re supposed to look. When did we lose sight of the fact thatĀ seeing something on TV or reading about it in a magazine, doesn’t make it TRUE?

Celebrities have to deal with judgemental fans and unrelenting paparazzi just waiting to expose their flaws and that’s pretty lousy. The rest of us don’t have to worry about that, which is a good thing. So why is it that we’re being made to feel that we have to look like they do anyway?

There is NOTHING wrong with choosing to spend more time with our babies than our trainers. Our newbors don’t care about flat stomachs and sculpted biceps, so can’t we just enjoy this time without the nonsense?

Seriously, it really is enough already.


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  1. Sandra said,

    Excellent post! I’m glad I’m not a celebrity and can just enjoy working on being healthy in mind and body!! šŸ™‚

    • fitvsfiction said,

      isn’t that what it’s all about?
      You go girl!

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