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Aaaaarrrggg!!!! It’s not about CALORIES Bloomberg!!

Posted in Uncategorized by fitvsfiction on May 31, 2012
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I feel like my head’s going to explode. I am so frustrated with the way we are consistently confusing health and weight. Skinny is NOT always synonymous with healthy!

While I have no problem with Mayor Bloomberg’s plan on restricting the availability of oversized sugary drinks, I DO have a BIG problem with how he’s doing it. Using CALORIES as a guideline for what’s acceptable is completely unacceptable to me. If he was TRULY concerned about our health, he would be just as concerned with Diet drinks as he is the sugary ones, because, while they are super low in calories, they are super high in dangerous chemicals! How brainwashed and shallow have we been become that we are more concerned with skinny bodies than healthy ones?! Would we really better off if we swapped our super-sized jugs of pop with their Diet versions?!

Obviously the focus here isn’t on how our bodies WORK, but on how they LOOK and that’s why so many people are killing themselves to be thin!

If the mayor wants to help people get healthier and live longer, he needs to start with education..starting with his own. If we could just STOP putting the focus on weight loss and START putting it towards health gain, we might just start to see the changes we all want.

Keep YOUR fat phobia off of MY body!


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