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Women’s HEALTH? My Ass!

Posted in Uncategorized by fitvsfiction on May 21, 2012

 When I bring my Fit vs Fiction Body image workshop to schools, the first thing I ask the kids to do, is to tell me that they think of when I say the word, “FIT”. Not so surprisingly, most of the time, I will hear things like, ” 6 pack Abs” and “Big muscles”. That’s when I throw out words like, “Strength, endurance and flexibilty.”

I go on to explain how our society often confuses BEING fit with just “Looking” fit and the 2 are not interchangeable. I explain that fit bodies come in MANY shapes and sizes and that we can’t always tell how fit or healthy someone is by how they look. Our focus should be on how our bodies WORK and not as much on how they LOOK.

So I was quite irritated when I was standing in line at the grocery store and saw this month’s issue of Women’s Health magazine with the heading, ” LOOK GOOD NAKED!” The cover also featured 25 year old swimsuit model, Brooklyn Decker wearing little panties and a short tank top. What the Hell does that have to do with women’s HEALTH? I’m bothered by the false advertising. If it’s a weightloss magazine just say so, but please don’t try to pretend that you care about my health. I would accept a cover like this from a magazine like Maxim, Cosmopolitan or any of the countless other magazines that take full advantage of the whole “Sex sells” concept, but am seriously disappointed by a magazine that pretends to be something it’s not.

“Look good naked!”According to who? Does that mean that unless my 40 something body, my body that has lived through more than it’s share of ups and downs, my body that has nurtured children and battled illness, unless MY body looks like the body of a 25 year old swimsuit model, I shouldn’t like myself naked??

Women already feel too much shame about their bodies; we often put way too much pressure on ourselves to be firmer, more toned, perkier, leaner, thinner, wrinkle-free and cellulite-free, that the last thing we need is a women’s magazine telling us that if we’d just lose some weight, we’ll be able to like ourselves naked. Can’t we like ourselves now?? I think we should like our bodies AS THEY ARE, we should be able to look at ourselves in the mirror with pride because our bodies are just an extension of all the amazing things that make us the fabulous people that we are!

IF Women’s Health magazine was truly concerned about our health, they’d concentrate on giving us tips on  healthy foods and offering suggestions on great ways to stay active, instead of telling us how we should look.

I realize it may sound like I’m being a tad too sensitive, and it’s quite possible that this issue was completely different than what they usual put out, but it just irks me to no end that while we already know that the beauty and fashion industries are based on society’s skewed perception of the “Ideal phystique”, we now  have the fitness industry doing the same thing!

Do what you wanna do, just be upfront about it.

Don’t ask me to compare MY healthy body to anybody else’s. My life is different than theirs and my experiences are different than theirs, so why should my body be the same?

Look good naked? How about, “Feel great about the way you look naked,” Instead?


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  1. femiblogged said,

    Thank you! I feel exactly the same way and I hate Women’s Health magazine. It’s always a super-thin model with no muscle definition (not that muscle definition is necessary for health, but still, I’d say it’s a better indicator than just being thin), the cover blabs on like all other ladies magazines about looking sexy, their recipes and nutrition advice focus far too much on being low-calorie and not enough on other aspects of nutrition, and honestly I find most of their workouts to be crap. I hate when they call themselves a “health” magazine, then proceed to tell you to do workouts that target nothing but a desired physical feature, like your butt. For anyone who would just generally like to pick up a health magazine and learn a few things about how to be healthier, this is a huge disappointment.
    K, rant over. Thanks for the post!

    • fitvsfiction said,

      You’re right, it’s a HUGE disappointment. Fitness magazines like to pretend to be different, but really they’re just fashion magazines in workout wear.
      Thanks so much for your comment!

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