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4 million Dollars to lose weight….Seriously Weight Watchers?

So, I just saw the cover of this week’s US magazine where they talk about Jessica Simpson’s 4 Million dollar weight loss deal.

4 Million dollars.(Let’s let that sink in for a second,shall we?)

Apparently, Weight Watchers will give her a little time to enjoy first time motherhood and then it’s time to start melting away those pounds.

Here’s the thing, I don’t have an issue with Weight Watchers, I know people who have used their program to lose weight and speak very positively about it. My issue is with the idea of paying celebrities ridiculopus amounts of money, so they feel obligated to lose the weight and then using them as a way of selling us their product. I assume they figure that the 4 million dollars they’re giving to Jessica is nothing compared to the money they’ll make from her commercials. In a few months, we’re going to see Jessica, singing some weightloss inspired jingle (a la Jennifer Hudson), wearing something short and tight telling us how EASY it was to lose all that baby weight with Weight Watchers.

I don’t know Jessica, but I hate the idea of her losing weight on someone else’s timeline under the scrutiny of EVERYONE who will be watching her journey. Watching and judging.

I also don’t really understand the point that Weight Watchers is trying to make. Knowing that they are paying THAT MUCH money for Jessica to use their program doesn’t actually give me all that much faith in it. Is the message supposed to be, “If Jessica Simpson can lose the weight, you can too!”? I’m sorry, but there is very little that most of us WOULDN’T do for a payoff of 4 MILLION DOLLARS. Let’s face it, there are people who would sell their souls for that much money…giving up cupcakes hardly seems like a big deal.

I guess I’m just sick and tired of us celebrating women’s post-baby bodies more than we celebrate their pregnant ones! I’m saddened by the fact that magazines will congratulate expectant celebrities with a few paragraphs before the baby’s born and then take up several pages discussing their weightloss training and diet tips afterwards.

Jessica has more money than she’ll ever need to spend, she doesn’t need this. In my opinion, she should be enjoying this new and exciting phase in her life, she should be enjoying her new daughter and should be taking care of herself on her own terms.

I think we’ve forgotten how much of a miracle pregnancy is. We are actually growing PEOPLE in our bodies! Can’t we ease up a bit on the weight loss pressure and give ourselves a break? Our babies are only babies for a short time; our trainers will be there when we’re ready.




4 Responses to '4 million Dollars to lose weight….Seriously Weight Watchers?'

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  1. You’re very right. It’s Jessica Simpson’s choice, though. Hopefully the money will go somewhere useful. If I was a celebrity, or if I become rich in the future, I hope I’d be determined enough to take a vow of relative poverty and give everything I make after the million-dollar-mark to charity.

    Also, $4 million for her to lose how many pounds? There are much heavier people out there who’d do it for free if they had all that help! But that’s celebrity lives for you. 😛 At least she’s endorsing a sensible diet plan, and not a dumb fad diet.

  2. fitvsfiction said,

    I agree. It’s her choice and I also hope she puts the money to good use. But, I also want to know how MUCH weight THEY want her to lose? Would they be okay with whatever weight she’s happy with or is the money based on a specific amount of pounds lost?

    Is there a time limit?

    It may be a sensible plan IF it’s done sensibly, but I have a feeling she’s feeling a little pressure to speed up the process.It all just sounds icky to me.

    Thanks for your comment!

  3. Cali Gal said,

    She’s getting paid $4 million not to just lose the weight, but to also endorse the WW program in its entirety. Jennifer Hudson did such a great job of representing WW that I’m not surprised they asked Jessica Simpson to do the same.

    If you knew how many moms out there are trying to lose the baby weight just so that they could fit into their regular clothes again (I’m one of them), then you’d understand why they’ve asked these celebrity moms to use their program. Jessica Simpson was most likely going to try to get rid of the baby weight as soon as possible because, in all honesty, (most) celebrities need to have a fit body since that’s usually what is expected of them. So, Jessica is getting paid to do what she would’ve done anyway.

    I’m not a celebrity, I’m a middle school teacher. So, I don’t have the same pressure that these women have to look “hot and sexy”. My job requires that I teach kids to analyze the plot of a novel and to understand the meaning of Greek and Latin roots. Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Hudson, and every other celebrity mom has a different job requirement than you or me. This is the career they chose, so those are the requirements they have to meet.

    • fitvsfiction said,

      I absolutely understand that part of Jessica’s job is to look “Good” according to society and Hollywood standards..and that’s what I find so sad. You’re right, Jessica would have felt the need to lose her baby weight quickly anyway, so WW was just being business savvy by cashing in on that. I just think it would be awesome if women (in all job fields) could enjoy their pregnancies without the stress of worrying about how they’re going to lose weight immediately after.

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