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Open letter to Dr. Oliver Di Pietro of K-E diet infamy: STOP IT!

Dear Dr.Di Pietro,

After reading several articles this week about the K-E diet that you’re involved with, I have to ask, “What the hell are you thinking?”

When it comes to obesity, I’m starting to think that there are more people looking for ways to profit from it than there are trying to treat it.

But this isn’t even about obesity, it’s about brides-to-be, willing to put¬†their health and well-being at risk to be skinny¬†and a doctor who is just ridiculous enough to help them do that…for $15oo.

It’s normal for a bride to want to look¬†beautiful on her wedding day, but as a physician, it’s up to you to do what’s in the best interest of your patients, not your bank account or popularity status.


Have¬†YOU ever had to be fed through a feeding tube, doctor? I have and I cannot properly express how terrible an experience it was.. The fact that you would voluntarily insert a feeding tube through a woman’s mouth and¬†into her stomach in order to put her into a state of ketosis, just so¬†her wedding guests could oooh and Ahhhh over how tiny her waist looks, is completely incomprehensible to me.

You are a DOCTOR. You took an oath to HEAL people not HARM them, how could this seem OKAY  to you, when it is so WRONG on so many levels?

Physically: There are side effects that go along with extreme weight loss; things like: dehydration, kidney stones, slow metabolism, bad breath, constipation, nutritional deficiencies and thyroid problems, to name a few. Gone are the “blushing brides,” and left in their place are¬† pale, lethargic ones.

But worse than that for me, is how this type of diet will effect them emotionally and psychologically.

For one thing they have just set the bar really, really high. They have literally starved themselves into their dresses, and will have hundreds of photos to look at for the rest of¬†their life from the one day they looked “Perfect”. How can¬†they possibly live up to that once the wedding is over and they’ve started eating normally again? They are setting themselves up for failure. Since they can’t live on the feeding tube permanently (although I am willing to bet that there are a few misguided women who would consider it)

They will gain the weight back and then be sentenced to a life of constant comparisons to what they USED to look like.

One of the most irritating parts of the article for me, was this quote:

“I get a lot of brides,” Di Pietro told the Times. “At first I decided not to do it for people who just want to lose a few pounds. But then I thought, why should I say 5 or 10 pounds are not enough? People want to be perfect.”

I have to ask, are you in the business of promoting healthy people or “perfect ones?”

Have you lost your way?

I battled an eating disorder for 20 years and now promote healthy body image and self-esteem through my Fit vs Fiction, Body Image workshops and I am blown away by how dangerous this entire concept is. Instead of using the engagement period to encourage your patients to make healthy lifestyle changes , you disregard their health and help them focus solely on what they want to weigh.

Do you have daughters? Grandaughters? If they saw¬†one of these K-E¬†dieters¬†walking down the street with a tube in their nose and asked you about it, what would you say? Would you say, ” Oh she’s fine Honey, she’s just not perfect enough and doesn’t trust herself to know how to feed herself, so that tube is doing it for her”?

Not the best message to pass on to young girls (or anybody else for that matter)

I’m not sure if you are doing it for the money, the publicity or maybe¬†because of some¬†inner demons you have yourself concerning weight and food, but you need to STOP.

Stop encouraging the idea that skinny is best, at any cost!

Stop thinking that weight is a purely physical issue and has no effect on us emotionally or psychologically

Stop helping woman judge themselves

Stop helping women hurt themselves

STOP harming, START healing

HEALTHY is best…at any size.


16 Responses to 'Open letter to Dr. Oliver Di Pietro of K-E diet infamy: STOP IT!'

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  1. myiejourney said,

    This is a joke right? I’m really waiting to hear that this is some big belated April Fool’s prank. Come on..what the hell is wrong with people in the medical profession that let things like this happen!

    Not that this is on the same scale as Dr. Insaneo here, but…., I once had a doctor tell me that I should lose weight and THEN tackle quitting smoking. I don’t think I weighed more than 150-160lbs at the time which I think may likely my healthy weight range…wow..the stuff I’m looking back at and remembering as I go through recovery!!! In her opinion, it would be harder to quit smoking than to lose weight.

    So the diets began…ugh..can’t believe how angry I am right now thinking back to that!

    Anyhow..I yo-yo dieted and the ED monster grew over the years… Five years ago I smoked my last cigarette and it was EASY. I was ready to stop smoking, mentally and physically.

    A couple years ago, I was at my wits end with diets not working, and continuing to gain weight. My doctor at the time, suggested I go se Dr. Poon for his crazy diet scheme….holy crap how wrong that all was and is and it’s all commercialized…I lasted about a month.

    It has only been a few months since I’ve started my recovery from my eating disorder…which is proving much more difficult than quitting smoking, and it’s more difficult than being on a diet or sticking a feeding tube up my nose. But you can’t heal your mind and thus your body with a diet or a feeding tube up your nose. You can take away the ‘pounds’ but the hurt and emotions are still there and the first chance you get, you’re going back to your coping mechanism of eating, or not eating, or exercising…. because to deal with the darkness of the mind can be beyond frightening.

  2. fitvsfiction said,

    I wish the doctors who have no experience dealing with eating disorders and body image issues would stop trying to treat them and just refer their patients who people who can really help them.

    I have heard horror stories about Dr.Poon! Bernstein is another complete Ass who uses is M.D. status to take advantage of people’s low self-esteem and ruin their lives (and bodies)

    Just because someone is a “professional”, doesn’t mean they have a clue what they’re talking about.
    We should always go with our guts..if it feels wrong, it probably is.

    Thanks for sharing myiejourney!

  3. HI! I a so glad I found your blog, and this post. I am writing a persuasive research paper and this topic just stood out to me as needing to be called out for the unhealthy and damaging scheme that it is. I was diagnosed with anorexia and body dysmorphic disorder when I was 10, and I have also had feeding tubes for health necessity! This diet makes me so angry.
    I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of some research done on it, scholarly articles, or really anything I could use to back up my argument?

    My email is

    • fitvsfiction said,

      Hi Megan!
      Nice to meet ya!

      What exactly are you looking for research on? The diet itself? Let me know what you’re loking for and I’ll do my best to help you out.

      • Pretty much research on anything…the diet, ketosis, malnutrition, anything “scholarly” i can use to refute the diet itself.

  4. k e diet data said,

    stop leveling this type of criticism against these doctors, this procedure was found while treating epileptic patients with a high fat/ high protein diet. In Italy 40,000 cases were treated for weight loss, and people have used it there mulitiple times, overall the procedure has been performed over 100,000 times…if you follow what they are suggesting it makes a lot of scientific sense, it has solid data and results are sustainable, its not the cure all for everything, after the procedure you must change your eating habits in order to maintain the fat weight loss, of course with excercise you could add on muscle and gain the proper type of mass..please stop attacking the doctors that were able to figure that this method actually works, plus it especially effects cellulitis, yep the unsightly crinkly skin that other diets just dont seem to be able to effect, even for those who’ve worked out, and dieted strictly….for all of you trying to get healthy, this alternative seems alot better than lap band, or gastro bypass, much much safer, and less expensive, no cutting, no anethesia, or going back due to surgical complications, i hope this actually works for alot of people, if you can stop drinking pop, especially the diet junk (how they allowed nutra sweet in the first place is a travesty against science and ethics), and get off of the crack/meth roller coaster that all the everyday people are addicted to in the form of carbs….wishing everyone a healthy life

    • fitvsfiction said,

      Being fed through a feeding tube so that you can lose a few pounds in order to look good for your wedding is incredibly sad. Any doctor who would be part of this is disgusting. Sorry, but there is NOTHING okay with what this doctor is doing. I’m not talking about people with severe medical issues who can maybe benefit from something like this, THAT is not what the artricle was about..the doctor referred to said that since “Everyone wants to look perfect, why not help them lose a few pounds this way?” It’s dangerous for SO MANY reasons.

      Too many of us are desperate to look the way we think we need to look, too many of us will do ANYTHING it takes to get there, even put our lives at risk..we should be able to trust our DOCTORS to keep us from the dangerous behavior instead of encouraging and profiting from it.

  5. sussie said,

    this doctor is a genious!!! I was considering traveling to risky mexico to have a stomack sleeve surgery. now i change my mind I dont have to be cut up. IM 60 pounds over weight and here in the usa you have to be 100 to get help. I cant wait to get into this diet it will give me a great headstart and motivation when i look at myself in the mirror

    • fitvsfiction said,

      The problem with this way of losing weight is that it doesn’t teach the person anything about how to lose it in a healthy way, or how to keep it off. There is no way, that after starving yourself, your body will be able to go back to any kind of natural eating without all of the weight coming back. I understand how hard it is to want to lose weight, but to put your life and health in danger through the “Risky” surgery you mentioned or crazy procedures like the feeding tube, is heartbreaking. It may be a quick way to lose weight, but it’s not a lasting one. There has to be another to get you to your goals. There must be a program in your area where you can find the guidance and support you need. It may take longer, but you’ll have a much better chance of keeping the weight off.

      • sussie said,

        you sem to be in good shape in your picture. have you ever been obese? if you never been then you dont have the right of giving your opinion on the behaf of people that are. if you dont know how does it feel like, to be morbidly obese and how people judge you or looked at you I sugest you stay out of it. I will die anyway of complications from been obese. read the statistics! i stand a better chance by doing surgery alone. I was married to a man that got to weight 505 pounds. the doctors said 10 years ago he wasnt going to make it to age 50. I nagged him for 3 years to have the by-pass. Today he has lost 300 pounds and is decease free. i saved his life!!!!

  6. sussie said,

    Dahh! THIS diet is not for people with anorexia

  7. fitvsfiction said,

    I’m not sure which statistics you’re referring to. I find it hard to believe that being fed through a tube for a few days in order to lose weight quickly has been statistically proven to increase a person’s overall health and life expectancy. I understand the desperation to lose weight, I just wish that there was more support available to help people lose it in a way that will truly improve quality of life. I’ve never been obese, but I have had serious issues with my weight and know that while the promise of a quick fix is hard to pass up, it will only hurt in the long run. I don’t know if you’ve ever been tube fed; I have and it’s Hell. Our bodies deserve more respect than that.

    I realize that food and weight is an extremely personal issue that will always have conflicting points of view and I respect your choices, I just don’t have to agree with them. Good luck, I hope you find the freedom that you’re looking for. Truly.

  8. expatient said,

    I actually tried Dr. P’s K E Diet. I went 5 days hooked up to that tube I ate nothing but black coffee + water, and after 5 days he told me it wasn’t working on me + I hadn’t lost any weight! He told me I was the ONLY ONE it work on. Really? Well then he should have refunded my $1,500.00! But he didn’t, he’s making a lot of money, a little compassion would have been nice!

    • fitvsfiction said,

      I am SO SORRY that you went through that!
      I’m glad that you recognize that the problem wasn’t with you but with HIM. I understand the feeling of being so desperate to lose weight that you’ll try anything..especially if it’s doctor approved. You’re only mistake was in trusting someone that cares more about a healthy bank account than healthy patients. You trusted someone who should have been trustworthy. This “diet” is sickening and any doctor who approves of it should be charged with malpractice. I hope you’re doing better now and have found a kinder, healthier way to reach your goal.

  9. Sam said,

    I would interview real people who tried this diet and look at their results, then I will read in depth about it and collect enough scientific data before I attack a doctor like Di Pietro. This procedure has been used in Europe and treated hundreds of thousands of people, why don’t you educate yourself and talk to other doctors who are using it 5 years ago and collect the data of those hundreds thousands of people and then come publicly and say something with science language and not this poor language you are using here. It‚Äôs very sad to read your article that has no science or evidence accept offensive language. I disagree with you and I read many articles about this diet and yes it is safe and Yet to hear a case that went horrible and caused unsafe situation to a patient who tried it. He is a doctor without a tattoo so please you STOP it.

    • fitvsfiction said,

      I appreciate your comments but also stand by my own.
      IF we were talking about people who are severely overweight and in need of drastic, aggressive treatment to save their lives, I’d be more openminded towards it. But the article I read was about a doctor agreeing to administer a feeding tube to women who want to lose a few pounds before they get married. That’s INSANE. Doctors should promote health and this is not about health, it’s about vanity.

      I respect your opinion but am also entitled to my own.

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