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Charels Barkley in a dress?! UGH. You can do better than that Weight Watchers!

     Here’s why I’m annoyed:

Weight Watchers, as well as most other weight loss programs, are constantly equating being skinny with being healthy. There commercials often show celebrities in tight dresses or skimpy bikinis talking about how much better their lives are and how much happier they are, now that they’ve lost weight and can fit into their sexy clothes again. It’s always bothered me that they’ve completely neglected the fact that truly fit people can come in different shapes and sizes and the  focus should be on how our bodies WORK instead of just how they LOOK.

NOW they’re using Charles Barkley; a former professional basketball player. An ATHLETE. You’d think this would be the PERFECT opportunity to talk about how eating well and being active could completely change the way you FEEL. He could talk about how well his body functioned when he was playing basketball and how his recent sedentary lifestyle has left him feeling sluggish and weak, and how by taking care of himself, his body and his confidence level is stronger than ever! But noooooooooooo, Weight Watchers has decided to put him in a dress as a way of saying, ” Losing weight isn’t just for women”.

Sorry..I don’t get it.

Do they really think that THIS will get men to join their club?? Believe it or not, I’m not the kind of person that gets offended easily..but I think this is ridiculous!

With our society so focused on being SKINNY, more and more people who don’t need to, are putting themselves on diets and the ones who are overweight are feeling pressure to lose the weight for the wrong reasons. When are we going to realize that “smaller” isn’t always better..but STRONGER is?

Sorry Weight Watchers, I think you missed the mark on this one!


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