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Hunger Pains Heroine..not hungry…ENOUGH?!

Jennifer Lawrence, the actress who plays heroine, Katniss in the movie “The Hunger Games” is being criticized for not looking hungry ENOUGH! According to one critic, Her “lingering baby fat” took away from the film’s realism. Seriously??

Personally, I just think people have gotten so used to seeing undernourished, ultrathin women on TV and in movies that the image of HEALTHY ones is confusing. How sad is that?!

What’s really disappointing is that in a movie where the main female character should be a strong, powerful role model, the focus STILL becomes her body! The male actors in the film, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth have gotten praise over their muscular physiques while Jennifer has been referred to as, “Chunky” and “Big boned”. How does that make sense? Some say that Jennifer’s character should look weak and sickly since she lived in a world where food was scarce; however, Hemsworth’s character lived in the same world and nobody has a problem with his ultra-buff body. I guess the message is that no matter what character an actor may be playing, the rules remain that in order for men to look masculine they need to have muscles bursting through their skin and in order for women to be feminine, they need to have bones protruding through theirs.


Jennifer says that she is well aware of the fact that she doesn’t fit the mold of the stick-thin hollywood actress and that’s perfectly fine with her. She wants to be a positive,healthy role model for young women. I sincerely hope that she stays as self-assured as she is right now, I’ve seen too many actresses get criticized for having curvy bodies, then do a bunch of interviews claiming to love themselves exactly how they are, only to end up giving in to the pressure and eventually losing the weight they never had to lose in the first place. I hope Jennifer is different.

Girls NEED to see HEALTHY women on TV, in movies, on billboards and busboards; they NEED to understand that women can be STRONG and FEMININE and, believe it or not, INTELLIGENT and RESOURCEFUL. They need to see all types of women being praised, not just the ones wearing itsy bitsy bikinis on the covers of magazines.

Mattel announced that it plans on releasing a Katniss Doll later next year. I have to wonder if it will resemble Lawrence’s protrayal of her, or will Mattel “Barbie-fy” her with a tiny waist and killer rack?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.




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