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Summer Clothing Brings Body Loathing

Here comes the sun!

The days are getting longer, the sun’s shining brighter and the temperature’s heating up. Gone are the sweater and coat displays in shopping mall windows, instead we’re seeing Mannequins wearing shorts, tank tops and bathing suits. For most people, the sight of summer clothing brings happy thoughts of hanging by the pool or laying by beach; however, there are a larger number of people who see the summer clothing displays, also think about hanging by the pool or laying by the beach and feel anything but happy. For many of us, warm weather forecasts bring on feelings of intense stress and anxiety, because just the thought of having to pull out the shorter, more revealing outfits we’ve kept neatly tucked away all Winter, is terrifying!

A study out of the UK showed that 1/3 of women polled are buying summer clothes that are too small for them in a desperate attempt to lose weight for the summer, which creates an enormous amount of pointless stress.  50% of women said they feel self-conscious about wearing summer clothes and will only wear bikinis with a sarong to cover them; 12% won’t sunbathe at all.

2/3 of women go on pre-summer diets every year, with ½ of them breaking their diets within the first week.

Looking Fat on the beach was the TOP summer vacation concern for women, followed by quality and costs of accommodations.

As someone who battled years of body image issues, I can remember way too many summers, when I’d pray for cold, rainy temperatures and would actually get depressed when the forecast showed sun and heat. It was easier to hide what I felt was my oversized body in oversized clothing, than to have to look at myself in something sleeveless or form fitting. Sadly, more and more people are feeling intense pressure to look perfectly fit and fabulous by the time the last flake of snow has melted and are putting their health at risk by attempting “quick fix” diets to get there.

While it is very common to put on a little extra weight during the colder months, when we tend to eat bigger portions of heavier meals, shocking our bodies through overly restrictive diets and regimented workouts is not the way to go. Here are a few tips to help ease some of the summer woes:


While some people enjoy a gym atmosphere, there are others who avoid it at all costs. The great thing about warmer weather is that there are countless ways to stay fit outside in the fresh air! Truth is, it doesn’t have to be complicated: walking is the easiest, cheapest activity you can do and you can pretty much do it anywhere, grab a friend and just walk! You can also cycle, run, play a few games of tennis or whatever else you find enjoyable. The key is to find something that you like doing so it won’t feel like exercise.

2)      GIVE UP THE POP (or at least, limit them)

Calories still count when you don’t have to chew them. Pop (and Diet pop) will do very little to help you achieve your fitness goals. Whether it’s the sugar or Aspartame, the more you bloat yourself up with the nutritional emptiness of these foods, the less room you leave for the foods and drinks your body actually needs.


Quick calories.  Slower metabolism. Enough said.


There’s a reason WHY we keep hearing this advice and it’s because it makes sense!

Water detoxifies our bodies, moisturizes our joints, helps with metabolism and keeps our skin clear. A hydrated body is a happy one!


Don’t waste time or money getting a bathing suit for the body you WANT to have when you should be wearing a bathing suit that fits the body you already have. There are so many different styles of bathing suits available to flatter all body shapes and sizes, find the one that fits you best and you’ll feel the best in it. Whatever you do, please don’t feel like you have to wait until you lose weight to wear a bathing suit; wear it now and wear it proudly.


This is not a way of keeping tabs of yourself or judging the little slips that are bound to happen now and then, but a way of cheering yourself on and staying motivated through every healthy decision you make. Seeing what you’ve done is  great inspiration for what you can do!


One of the most attractive qualities a person can have is self-confidence. Believe in yourself, appreciate yourself and be proud of your body, it does a lot for you everyday and should be celebrated not judged!



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  1. Your title reminded me of an elementary school joke:
    If April showers bring May Flowers, what do Mayflowers bring?


    Yeah, any joke based in history is probably not funny, but it still makes me smile.

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