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Liking WHO you are is different from liking WHERE you are

I talk a lot about the importance of liking yourself. In general, we tend to be kind and patient to the people we love around us, yet judge ourselves harshly for every perceived flaw we have or mistake we make. As someone who spent way too many years hating how I looked, how I felt and who I was, I can tell you that this type of self-judgement is pointless. It’s amazing how much more we can accomplish if we just give ourselves the chance to be a little human.

This whole, “Love yourself, no matter what” concept has some people confused. I have had a lot of people challenge me, by asking,” So, you think people should like themselves no matter how much they weigh?”

I answer, “YES.”

They continue, “Even if they are overweight?!”

I answer, “YES.”

They continue disapprovingly, “It’s OKAY to like yourself if you’re OVERWEIGHT?? But that’s not healthy!”

At last, my chance to explain:

Liking YOURSELF is not the same as liking or accepting WHERE YOU ARE.

I truly believe that a person’s value as a human being does not change regardless of what the scale says. A person is no less deserving of love and respect from themselves or others if they are underweight, overweight or at their goal weight. But that doesn’t mean that they need to stay at that weight.

The truth is, we tend to be kinder and more patient to those we love, so if we love ourselves we will WANT to be as healthy and happy as possible and will then make better lifestyle choices.

Hating ourselves for who we aren’t will get us nowhere, but respecting ourselves for we ARE will remove any self-imposed boundaries on who we may become.

You cannot lose weight in order to like need to like yourself in order to lose weight.

Self-worth should not be measured in pounds!


2 Responses to 'Liking WHO you are is different from liking WHERE you are'

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  1. Elisa said,

    awesome post…i struggle with this on a daily basis…we all need to learn to accept ourselves, respect ourselves and love ourselves!

    • fitvsfiction said,

      Especially since you’re so darn loveable, Elisa!

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