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Act your age!

Posted in Uncategorized by fitvsfiction on February 1, 2012
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I enjoy watching TV, probably more than I care to admit. However, as a mother in my 40s, I’m finding a lot of the casting choices for “moms” on TV to be a bit disturbing these days. How is it that as I get older, the actresses playing women my age are getting younger?  Hollywood, it seems, is uncomfortable with the idea of casting age appropriate actresses to play mothers. No wonder more and more women over 40 are struggling with body image these days, we don’t know what “Real” women look like anymore. We’ve got models, barely out of puberty selling us wrinkle cream and 30 yr old actresses playing mothers to 20 somethings! I realize that the entertainment industry is a shallow one where a nice set of boobs trumps even the most prestigious theatre degrees, but would it kill anybody to actually have people act their age sometimes?

Here are a few examples of what I’m talking about: Actress Amy Pohler played Rachel McAdam’s mother in “Mean Girls” even though Amy was 33 and Rachel was 27. In the movie The Watchmen, Carla Gugino played Malin Ackerman’s mom, which would be a neat trick, since they’re only 7 years apart. As good as Angelian Jolie is, could they have not found an older actress to play Colin Farrell’s mother in Alexander since she is a mere 12 months older than he is?!

While I believe that Hollywood is doing women a huge disservice by misleading them about their age, the bigger crime is in how they’re misleading our kids about theirs. If you’ve seen any teen shows lately, you’ve probably noticed the lack of teens who are actually on them! Kids are trying so hard to live up to unrealistic images put out by the media everyday and these shows aren’t helping. Shows like Vampire Diaries and The O.C. cast actors in their 20s to play teens and have their parents played by actors in their 30s! On what planet does this make sense? As a result, both boys and girls are feeling like their bodies just don’t measure up; what they don’t realize is that they’re comparing their own healthy, age appropriate physiques to those of young adults. This isn’t just a “girl thing” either, have you seen actor Trevor Donovan who plays a teenager on 90210?! The “kid” is 31 and looks like he’s spent most of those years working out at the gym! No wonder so many young boys are feeling insecure about themselves! If it were up to me, our TVs would be doing a little less judging and a lot more entertaining!


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