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And I’M Controversial?!

Posted in Uncategorized by fitvsfiction on November 3, 2011

I’m confused.

With all of the insanely extreme and often dangerous diets being peddled and promoted these days, it’s MY belief that it’s actually OK for kids to eat a little candy everyday, that has some people shaking their heads in disgreement. Really?!

Just to be clear, I’m not saying that we should feed our kids whatever they want, whenever they want, or that it would be perfectly acceptable to replace spinach with Skittles or carrots with KitKats, but I AM saying that if a child is eating a diet full of all the good stuff their body needs, then having something “Treat-like” on a daily basis will NOT harm them. In fact, studies show, that indulging  in moderation, stops yo-yo cravings and overindulging at other times.

Why are we so AFRAID of certain foods that many of us will choose to BAN them rather than trust ourselves to enjoy them in a healthy way? The worst part is that we are passing this fear onto our kids. The LAST things we want our kids to be thinking about are fat and calories.

According to child nutrition expert Dr. Jennifer O’Dea, “Negative messages such as sugar and fat are “BAD” and the use of the term “Junk Food” contribute to the underlying fears of food and dietary fat and weight gain which proceeds body image concerns and eating disorders.”

Many studies over the years show that when adults try to control what their children eat, the children are MORE likely to end up with weight or eating related problems.

Children have to learn how to self-regulate. Of course, their parents need to help guide and educate them, but ultimately,they have to learn how to listen to their OWN bodies or they will never trust their own instincts and will fall victim to the ever expanding diet industry just waiting to get it’s claws into them.

Trust more, fear less.

Now back to my confusion; I suppose I can understand how some people may find  my pro-snack food stance a bit odd, or may disagree with the studies that find anti-obesity campaigns causing more harm than good, but what I can’t figure out, is how so many INSANE diet programs are being marketed and even celebrity or physician endorsed without much controversy?

Not sure what I mean? Please take a took at this list of WEIGHTLOSS plans and products that are, in my not so quiet opinion, pretty darn silly.

1) Dr. Bernstein Diet: This extremely LOW caloie diet will help you lose weight, along with your money, self-esteem and oftentimes, your gall bladder! How healthy can a diet be that does NOT encourage exercise and lists (at least in my experience) hairloss as a possible side effect? The human body needs 1200 cals/day to survive; Dr.Bernstein’s diet reccommends between 800-1000.

2) Baby Food diet: Jennifer Aniston does it, even Reese Witherspoon is rumored to engage in it. Adults eating jars of baby food to regulate weight. Do I really need to explain why this is ridiculous?

3)Master Cleanse: Lemon juice mixed with maple syrup,water and cayenne pepper. That’s it. For 10 days.

4)Spinach leaf diet: Only raw foods but mostly spinach and some seeds. (Actress Amanda Seyfried is a fan)

5) Dr. Siegal’s cookie diet: 6 cookies a day (500 cals) and a “reasonable” dinner (300 cals)

(I should mention they filed for bankruptcy a few years ago, but not before being endorsed by 200 doctors and opening clinics worldwide)

6) Color diet: Apparently Christina Aguilerra uses a diet where each day is designated a color and she can only eat the foods of that color on that day.

7)Smartbite: A weightloss product described as a “removable,custome made, oral device placed comfortably in the upper palate to slow down food consumption. Smartbite was inspired by a condition called Torus Palatinus, which is a naturally occuring condition involving a bony protrusion of the palate. The sales pitch is that, “People with this condition are rarely overweight.” Brilliant marketing.

This list could go on and on as there will always be someone trying to sell us something that will help us lose weight. The fact is, if we STOP worrying about our WEIGHT and START concentrating on our HEALTH, our bodies will take us exactly where they need to be on the scale.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again: A few cookies won’t hurt you, but all the dieting and dangerous behaviors that come with avoiding the cookies just might.


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  1. Andy said,

    I was gonna leave a comment but i find I’m at a loss for words I cant ( well I actually can) believe how stupid people can be when exactly did we loose our minds

    • fitvsfiction said,

      I think we lost our minds when we lost trust in ourselves and started listening to people who cared more about our wallets than our bodies!

      It’s funny how the concept of “Balance and moderation” seems bizarre to people, but they’ll pay tons of money or put their health at risk with something more extreme.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Robbie said,

    The problem is that if people actually indulged responsibly on a regular basis, there would be no need for capitalistic ventures such as Bernstein or any of the other crazy diets. They take advantage of our fear – and if that fear ever disappears, so will their millions.

  3. chickymara said,

    I wholeheartedly agree with balance and health. Its ok for kids to eat treats as long as they are eating healthy food as their primary diet. the kids that come to my house who are restricted, and hear all about don’ts have their head in my cupboard the whole time they are here. Meanwhile, my kids are in the fridge looking for apples. When you make something an issue it suddenly becomes more interesting. When you forbid something, it becomes a driver for guilt and low self esteem. Balance is the most important thing.

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