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Sorry fit2fat2fit, I find you FRUSTRATING!

I am EXTREMELY irritated by that trainer dude I keep seeing on the internet..the one referred to as Fit2fat2fit. He’s decided to gain 60lbs in order to “understand what it feels like to be overweight”. He believes that this experment will help him relate to his overweight clients.

The fact that he doesn’t realize that gaining weight because you WANT to is completely different from struggling with your weight, just proves that he has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about and that his experiment is a total waste of time.

First of all, being a personal trainer by profession, means that he spends A LOT of time at the gym and that he has the tools and knowledge he needs to get back into shape at his disposal. This is a luxury that many people do not have. For some, membership to a gym or sessions with a personal trainer are just too expensive. Time, is an issue for a lot of people as well, MOST people cannot spend all day at the gym and need to fit their exercise routines around work and family obligations. Another difference is AGE. I’m not sure how old this guy is, but we all know that losing weight after your 30s is a lot tougher than it used to be and I wonder if he’d be as quick to purposely gain this much weight if he were older.

My biggest issue with what he is doing is that his weight gain is strictly physical; he is simply eating large quantities of foods he would normally avoid. Big Deal. For most people who struggle with their weight, there is emotional or psychological baggage that comes with it, and it’s the feelings and the history behind the weight gain that makes it so hard to lose.  He says that getting fat made him feel depressed and gave him low self-esteem, is this really surprising to anyone? As someone who was obsessed with working out, I’m sure ANY change in his physique would hurt his ego, but does he really think that he now UNDERSTANDS what it feels like to be an overweight person in a fat phobic society?

I think, if he TRULY wanted to get an idea of what it was like, he should have gained the weight WITHOUT telling everyone what he was doing. By explaining that he was doing it as part of his job, he was making it “OK”.  While people may judge his experiment, they couldn’t judge HIM for his body because they’d know it wasn’t REALLY him….HE is a fit and toned exercise buff, this is just a character he’s playing for a few months.

Now, if he said that he was packing on the pounds to gain insight into how some actors feel when they gain weight for acting roles, like DeNiro in Raging Bull or Zellweger for Brigitte Jones, I’d get it, THAT would make sense. But please, Mr. Trainer Dude, do not assume that by eating a dozen donuts a day or skipping your usual workouts that you will ever understand what it feels like to struggle with being overweight.

You may be gaining weight, you`re definitely gaining attention, but insight is another thing altogether.


2 Responses to 'Sorry fit2fat2fit, I find you FRUSTRATING!'

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  1. fitvsfiction said,


    Marco i assume you understand what its like to be over weight. Why don’t you try looking at the good in what this personal trainer is trying to do and all the others you take such great joy in criticizing. So tired of your know it all perspective on health. Not that one needs to be a health professional to be knowledgeable on the subject but let me say it for most everyone “you are not a health professional as much as you think you are”. Gotta wonder if you have a real job or if you are one of those unattractive wifes that sit around at home and make trouble in their neighborhood. Your way is not the only way and keep your ego in check! Don’t know which is more painful reading your egoic statements on my twitter account or being forced to look at your butter face at the gym.

  2. fitvsfiction said,

    The fact that we are all entitled to our opinions is a good thing.

    I believe that if Drew really wanted to gain insight into this issue (which I’m sure he does) he would appreciate ALL kinds of feedback and he would understand that when you do something somewhat controversial about an issue that is quite emotional for many people, there will be some people who see things differently than you..I don’t think that he’d be offended to know that there is more to this issue than he may realize. His intentions are GOOD..I just think there’s more involved than he understands.

    You said that you hate reading my stuff on twitter and in my blogs…the amazing thing about social media is that while there is tons of information at your can choose what you want to read and what you don’t. There is a simple solution: Don’t Follow me on twitter or read my really is that simple.

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