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“Maggie goes on a Diet”..then develops Eating Disorder!

Posted in Uncategorized by fitvsfiction on August 19, 2011

A new book is about the hit stores called, Maggie goes on a Diet. The author’s name is Paul M. Kramer, who apparently writes books for children about issues that they may be facing. I wonder if he realizes that his latest book may actually CREATE some issues instead of battle them?

The story is about a heavy young ghirl named maggie, who goes through a physical transformation (Loses weight) and becomes a soccer star. I know this because it was in the review I read, however, the bookcover tells a different story.  The cover of the book shows a heavy Maggie, holding a pink, frilly dress, looking at a skinnier version of herself in the mirror..

I’m sorry, but am I really supposed to believe that she’s thinking, “Gee, I wish I was more athletic, felt stronger and played soccer better”??

I don’t think so. Maggie wants to fit into that pink,frilly dress! Maggie wants to be skinnier! Healthier? More fit? I have no idea. But thinner? DEFINITELY.

Sorry Paul M. Kramer, but you missed the boat with this one. WHY do we continue to confuse skinny for healthy, it’s just not always the case!

I am so sick of hearing about “good intentions”! If you’re intentions are truly good..then do your RESEARCH before you start sending a message that could be harmful.

Hospitalizations for Eating Disorders among kids UNDER 12 has INCREASED 119%  between 1999-2006 and we still don’t get it.

Fit is a feeling, not a dress size. It’s more about how your body WORKS than how it looks!


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