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Celebrity Trainers: Fame over Fitness

I think we all know by now that celebrities feel enormous pressure to look as perfect as they can, for as long as they can. For women, that means being waifishly thin, for men, toned and muscular and both need to erase any visible signs that they’ve actually experienced life.

I understand how their fear of  losing jobs could lead to an obsession with their weight and how they could fall into extreme and dangerous behaviors to stay thin,what I DON’T understand, is how their Personal Trainers can condone it.

Fitness trainers are supposed to teach their clients how to live in a healthy,balanced way. They should educate about healthy eating and exercising. But it seems there are a different set of rules for the trainers working with celebrities.

Why are they willing to ignore what they know is the right way to do things in order to “Help” their clients achieve the unrealistic goals they’ve created for themselves when doing so can put their health at risk?

Sorry Jillian Michael fans, but while I have no doubt she knows how to train people properly, by agreeing to go along with the extremely dangerous training practices of ” The Biggest Loser” TV show, she showed me that she cares less about people and more about popularity. Putting people’s lives at risk is never ok..even if it’ll make you famous.

Tracey Anderson is another trainer whose diet program has helped people like Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Leanne Rimes and Kelly Ripa achieve, what to me are, skeletal bodies. Where did the curves go? When did a healthy body take a backseat to a skinny one and why are these “Specialists” going along for the ride?

Recently, Jennifer Hudson admitted to feeling like maintening her weightloss a la Jenny Craig, to be a full time job. I have no problem with her wanting to lose some weight, but somewhere along the way, she forgot that the healthiest body isn’t always the skinniest. She doesn’t talk much about feeling stronger,just looking smaller and that’s a problem.

WHEN did we lose completele trust in ourselves when it comes to what we eat and how we exercise? WHY are we so willing to listen to the rantings of people who care more about the size of their wallets than the strngth of our bodies?

Gone are the days when a “Celebrity Trainer`was a trainer who worked with a `Celebrity Trainer`is famous in their own right. Sadly, when that`s the case, they become more about fame and less about fitness.

I just wish they`d be HONEST.

 I just wish they`d  say, `YES, I tell my clients to eat very little and workout a lot. Yes, it`s unhealthy.“

At least then I wouldn`t think they were dishonest..shallow and disgraceful maybe..but at least they`d be honest about it.


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