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Food as a weapon of self-destruction

Food is my weapon, Impeccable aim

Won’t ease off the trigger ’til writhing in pain

Suddenly my skin feels two sizes too small

Can’t fit in my clothing, I’ve outgrown them all

I nibble for pleasure then binge into pain

Can’t stop the cycle, am I going insane?

The scale in my bathroom continues to rise

My spirit is dying, can’t muffle the cries

The strong fearless woman That I used to be

is slowly becoming a stranger to me

“Not thin enough, not thick enough, not sick enough,” they say

Yet I cry myself to sleep begging to God,”Take me away”

So today I stand before you, my ego at the door

Defeated and discouraged, can’t take this anymore

Fear still overwhelms me, anxiety still high

But I’m willing to surrender and I promise that I’ll try

I’m hopeful that there’s strength in me, to push me through the pain

that the darkness has an ending and that light will shine again


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  1. amotherworld said,

    Wow. Powerful. You are beautiful and strong – don’t ever forget your strength!

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