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Will reading this blog make you FAT?

A few of the things I’ve learned recently:

Diet pop will make me fat, sugar will make me fat, watching TV will make me fat, White flour will make me fat, too much caffeine will make me fat, air conditioning will make me fat (apparently, it has something to do with the cold air impacting calorie burning), so will granola, sushi, veggie burgers and lack of sleep. So basically, if what I’ve been reading is accurate, then I am destined for a life of morbid obesity!  Forget the fact that I workout regularly and vigorously and try to make healthy choices at mealtimes, seems none of that matters when you factor in all the “Fat rules” I’m breaking on a daily basis.

As I sit here in my air conditioned home, after getting just a few hours of sleep, I reflect on the week I’ve had and realize that I’ve been a bad,bad girl. My week started with dinner from my favorite sushi place, continued with several hours of television, the occasional diet Pepsi, lots of iced tea and a couple of veggie burgers..just to name of few of my weight infractions.

According to what I’ve been reading, my next purchase should be one of those scooters you see people driving around in when their weight has overcome their strength , but that ain’t gonna happen because, well, I just don’t buy it.

I do not think that sugar (or white bread, or caffeine) makes us fat! There; I said it. Why do we insist on blaming ONE food or behavior for an issue that has a MULTITUDE of factors attached to it? Obesity is a much bigger issue than most people realize..and believe it or not, it has less to do with WHAT we eat than HOW we eat.

When a person is eating themself into obesity, it’s usually not because they are hungry, the same way that an Anorexic who is starving themself isn’t doing so because they aren’t really hungry.


The headlines are meant to scare us and shock us, but I think, for the most part, they just confuse us.

Do I engage in some of the afformentioned fat traps? yes, I do. But, I also engage in many healthy lifestyle choices. Food has always played a much bigger role in my life than it should have. I’ve spent years alternating between restricting it and overindulging in it and the truth is, It’s just FOOD. One type of any kind food, eaten in moderation will not significantly impact my health in a negative way, this is what I’ve learned and what I believe.

oh..and don’t worry, reading this blog will NOT make you fat.



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  1. The human body developed to cope with scarcity. Very recently many of us have experienced a life free of food scarcity. Our bodies haven’t had time to adapt so we keep eating as if stocks are about to run out and find we get fat and ill. This is really annoying, but it’s just a glitch in the system and we have to put up with it. We either consciously adapt our behaviour – which is a lot of mental effort, or we reproduce scarcity by staying out of arm’s length of food a lot of the time – which is difficult socially and practically. But that’s the choice if we don’t want to get fat – which is a form of illness.

  2. fitvsfiction said,

    It’s all about finding balance. I completely understand your point about “eating as if stocks are about to run out” and you make an interesting point about our bodies being developed to cope with scarcity..but I think that our society has totally lost sight of what being “FAT” really is. Truth is, a person can be fit and strong and healthy, yet have a soft stomach and thicker waistline than the fitness models we see on TV and in magazines. Healthy bodies are not one size fits all. Usually, people overeat after they’ve been “Dieting”..diets aren’t natural and after awhile, our bodies want to rebel..then we starve ourselves to repent and the cycle continues.

    The first step is finding out what weight is best for us as individuals without being influenced by society’s fat phobia..then we need to learn how to maintain our health through balance and moderation where food and exercise is concerned.

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