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40 is the “new” 40!

I read something recently that said that 40 was the new 30. I guess that’s supposed to mean that being 40 years old isn’t what it used to be and that we forty-somethings are really more like 30-somethings. At least I think that’s what I think it meant. But a few days later, I was at the grocery store and saw a woman walk by with her kids who looked like they were in their very early teens. I figured she was about my age, early to mid 40s and she looked GREAT. She was walking with tons of energy and a big smile on her face and I thought to myself, “THAT’S beauty.” Then I thought about how full of energy and comfortable in my own skin I was feeling at that moment and realized that maybe 40 isn’t the new 30 after all, maybe THIS is just what being 40 feels and looks like these days!

When we’re in our teens and even 20s, forty sounds OLD. But I’m learning that perception and reality are often two very different things. Maybe 40 WAS old at one point, but not anymore. It’s funny to me when people say; “You look young for your age” Do I? How so? Maybe this is exactly what 41 looks like for ME. What were they expecting?

Through the wonders of social media, I have had the pleasure of meeting some pretty FABULOUS women over the last few months, most of who are either close to, in the middle of or just past the 40 mark and “Old” is NOT a word I would use to describe any of them. Beautiful, intelligent and wickedly funny are a few that come to mind instead.

I think it’s a waste of time and energy  to pine for who we used to be when we could be loving every bit of who we are right now! I don’t want to be in my 30s again…I just want my 40s to kick Ass!


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