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WHO says my stomach should be Flat anyway?!

Why is it that all (or at least MOST) of the fitness professionals seen on TV  and covering the pages of Fitness magazines look pretty much the same? Impossibly chiseled Abs, skin stretched tightly over bulging muscles and barely an ounce of fat I supposed to believe that THAT is what being FIT looks like? Truth be told, that IS what I thought being fit looked like a few years ago. It was the look I wanted and the look I thought I needed to achieve in order to be taken seriously as a fitness professional.

I started working with a personal trainer/body builder who told me WHAT and HOW to eat (not much, not often) and I worked out..A LOT. To my amazement, after just a few months, I had the body I had always wanted..sadly, I didn’t want it anymore.

Here’s what I learned: While extreme dieting, water depletion and excessive work outs can help me lose weight and LOOK fit, it will also make me depressed, bitchy,hungry, weak, self-absorbed, insecure, vain and completely body image OBSESSED. fair trade off?  Not for me.  It took me a long time ( and intense therapy) to eventually figure out having a HEALTHY body meant. I learned that to feel strong physically, emotionally and spiritually I need BALANCE in my life.

It’s kind of like MONEY. There are multi millionaires out there who have absolutely every THING they could ever fantasize about; cars, houses and toys galore, but in order to afford these luxuries they have to spend ALL of their time working. So while they have the lifestyle they’ve always wanted, they never take the time to actually enjoy it. A more balanced individual might choose to own less but live more. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we should all quit our jobs and lay on the couch all day, but the person who TRULY understands balance will work hard enough to have some of the things they want, but will leave time for what’s really important like spending time with friends and family.

Our bodies are similar. I don’t want want to spend all my time at the gym trying to work off whatever I’ve just eaten, nor do I want to worry about everything I eat! I try to make healthy food choices but also allow myself to eat some foods just because they taste good…I enjoy being active, but also want to be able to miss workouts without feeling guilty.

WHO says our bodies are SUPPOSED to be THAT chiseled anyway?? Maybe we’re supposed to have a little padding. Maybe my stomach isn’t meant to be perfectly flat? All I know is that when I stopped trying to look like a fitness model and started allowing myself to ENJOY food and exercise in a more relaxed body did get a little fuller..but so did my life! When looking my best became less important, BEING my best took over.

The way I see it…at the end of the day, if the BEST thing someone can say about me is that I have nice abs..then I’m doing something wrong.


“Looking” FIT


4 Responses to 'WHO says my stomach should be Flat anyway?!'

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  1. John Pagoto said,

    Curves are sexy! It’s all about balance as you stated we are body, mind and spirit.

  2. Andy said,

    Agreed, 24 yrs in the gym I’ve never had a flat stomach and I’m pretty sure i never will, but I’m healthier than most, stronger than most, and I enjoy the food I eat ( may be a bit too much lol) but its all about balance, I eat I exercise do outdoor activities and for the most part I feel good. So Ill never be on the cover of M&F or Flex but I can eat a piece of cake and not worry about it either. If your not happy your not healthy.
    My 2c worth

    • fitvsfiction said,

      “If you’re not happy you’re not healthy” SO TRUE, ANDY!
      The worst thing is when you believe that having the “perfect” body will make your life perfect and then finding out it doesn’t. Then you’re sad AND hungry!
      Balance is key. People used to tell me they admired my motivation and dedication..but it was mostly obsession and fear. I’ll take a softer body..if it means I get to enjoy living in it!
      Thanks for your comment!

  3. Completely flat is not realistic anyway. I read a great article a while ago: “Does this uterus make me look fat?”
    A curve in the abdomen is normal for female anatomy!

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