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Guess who called me? Hint: Starts with Richard, Ends with Simmons!

Have you have ever had the opportunity to meet someone you admire, only to find out they aren’t as wonderful as you imagined they’d be? Luckily that was NOT my experience when Mr. Richard Simmons called my house yesterday and we got to chat for a little while.

As most people know, I am pretty damn frustrated with how our society has made being “healthy” more about how our bodies LOOK than how they actually WORK. I am equally frustrated with how weightloss has become entertainment. There is no shortage of weightloss shows on TV,most of which use trainers who seem to think that yelling, insulting and shaming their clients into a pair of skinny jeans is the right way to educate about healthy lifestyles. WHY do they yell so much? I’m guessing, it’s because they’re hungry!

As I said in my last blog, Richard taught us that in order to like our bodies, we first had to like ourselves and only then would we be free to treat our bodies with the respect it deserved.

I was amazed when Richard took the time to read my blog and even more amazed when he called me to talk about it afterwards. What I learned from our conversation was that he and I have more in common than just natural, curly hair and a love for tank tops; we both believe that we are on a mission to help people get healthy; mind, body and spirit. Both of us know how NOT to lose weight in a healthy way, both of us have put our own lives at risk through dangerous behavior in a quest for the “Perfect” body and both of are determined to keep others from making those same mistakes.

Richard still owns the same studio he opened 37 years ago and continues to inspire people on a daily basis, he still answers phone calls and e-mails from those who need his help and is still very much in demand for TV and radio appearances. There’s even talk of a new television show; Is the world ready to see people lose weight and gain confidence without being bullied into it? I know I am.

I plan on keeping in touch with Richard and hope to meet him in person one day, because there’s nothing cooler than watching someone not just talk the talk, but also walk the walk; even if it is in candy striped dolphin shorts!


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  1. Reesa Cohen said,

    That’s amazing! When you put positive thoughts out into the univers good things happen.

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