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Bring me back some Richard Simmons!

Forget The Biggest Loser,Celebrity Fit Club, X-Weighted and all the other weightloss shows taking over our TVs these days and bring me back some Richard Simmons! Remember when Richard had people “sweatin’ to the Oldies”? It wasn’t called getting “Ripped” to the oldies or “Getting Skinny” to the oldies; it was about getting off the couch and moving until you sweat! He didn’t try to intimidate his participants or SHAME them into losing weight, he actually wanted them to have FUN. Imagine that? A TV trainer that wants to teach people how to exercise while enjoying themselves!

I don’t know why all the trainers we see on TV these days think that the best trainers are the LOUDEST ones! Why is everything done to the extreme? I’ve worked in the fitness industry for over 20 years and I don’t know WHO told them it’s okay to throw someone who may have never exercised in their life and who is extremely overweight on a treadmill for hour after hour until they can barely hear their trainers insults over the pounding of their hearts!

Richard never wanted us to starve ourselves, he wanted us to make better choices and to understand that everyone deserved a healthy, happy body that would allow them to enjoy their lives to the fullest.

Richard didn’t bribe us with money or fame; our reward was in learning how to accept and appreciate ourselves for who we were instead of judge ourselves for who we weren’t.

Dear, sweet Richard wouldn’t embarress his clients or give them unrealistic goals to meet,nor would he look at them with eyes full of judgement. Richard knew that you can’t lose weight in order to like yourself, but have to like yourself in order lose weight.

TVLand can keep their Jillians, Pauls and Bobs;I’ll take Richard, in his signature striped shorts and red tank top anyday, because getting fit should be about making healthy, sustainable lifestyle choices, not extreme diet and workout routines that stop as soon as the cameras do!


2 Responses to 'Bring me back some Richard Simmons!'

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  1. Andy Drapkin said,

    I don’t think anyone could have put it better you are so on the mark here. This is the type of message that everyone who exercises or doesn’t needs to hear

  2. Reesa Cohen said,

    Very well said!! I do miss Richard. What I like about him is that he lost weight the wrong way, after struggling for years. Afterwards he realized what he had done and then made it his mission to help people love themselves no matter what they look like. I say bring him back!!

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