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Why the heck am I so intensely passionate about this issue?!

Fit vs Fiction

Let me tell you:

You’d think after spending 20 years of my life being controlled by severe body image issues and battling an intense Eating Disorder, that once I had found recovery and had been given the tools to move on with my life, I would focus my energy elsewhere and never look back.

To be honest, that’s exactly what I thought I would do. Afterall, it had taken me until my mid 30s to reclaim my life, what would make me want to revisit the pain of my eating disorder on a somewhat daily basis? I soon realized, that I really had no choice. Maybe I had recovered, but I was still part of a society that glorified extreme THINNESS and demonized softer, rounder, even though often, healthier, bodies. I needed to do something about that.

My obsession with my body started when I was 17yrs old after losing my older brother and finding the pain of starvation easier to handle than the pain of losing him. But, according to the doctor I spoke with at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto last week, boys and girls as young as 7 yrs old are being treated for eating disorders. Is it from the media, society, their parents? Probably all of the above, and something needs to be done about it.

I created the workshop Fit vs Fiction to break down the myths related to the fitness, diet and beauty industries. I bring my workshop to elementary schools, high schools, parent groups, etc.. By using a wide variety of images, facts and stories of true life experiences, I get people to share their feelings about the pressure they feel to live up to unrealistic expectations thrown at them daily from a multitude of outside sources.

People WANT and NEED to be talking about this, I give them a safe place to do so. I think that by sharing my story, even the uglier aspects of it, I make it easier for others to open up as well.

I think of it as turning trauma into triumph.

My new campaign to bring awareness to body image issues is through a poster campaign sharing some facts that will hopefully get people thinking and talking about a problem that won’t go away unless we actively make some changes in how we see others and even more importantly, ourselves.

Please share these posters and their very important message!


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  1. John Pagoto said,

    Thank you for tweeting me back. Every once in awhile I have someone in my class that concerns me greatly. Spending time in fitness facilities eating disorders are obvious to almost everyone but the people that have them. One such case died last year. She never came to my class but I always wanted to talk to her about it but never did. I doubt if my talking to her would have made a difference however I should have tried. Thank you so much for your outlook of turning “trama in to triumph” Your perspective on this subject is valuable to countless people. 🙂

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