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My letter to Healthy school coordinator(Ministry of Edu.)

Hi Mr.Soroko,
My name is Marci Warhaft-Nadler and I run a workshop called “Fit vs Fiction” that I bring to Elementary schools, High Schools, youth groups and Parent groups in Ontario which focuses on breaking down the myths related to beauty,fitness and fashion industries. It’s an interactive discussion that gets kids talking about media manipulation, weight bias and eating disorders.

I am also a mother to 2 boys ages 9 and 12 and have become EXTREMELY frustrated and upset over the new Healthy Eating Plans being implemented in schools recently!

A few months ago, I actually had to protest the program being introduced at my school; the program was postponed and modified, but is still having disasterous results. I called Dr.McVey for some guidance and she suggested I let you know what’s going on.

The problem is that the teachers and even community nurses involved have no idea what Healthy Living truly is and base their programs on Restricting food rather than enjoying it with balance and moderation. In my school, certain children are in charge of inspecting their classmates’ lunchbags once a week and rewarding the ones who have completely “Healthy” lunches, those who don’t, in their opinions, get nothing (except maybe some shame and teasing).

The list of WHY this is NOT a good idea is a long one and I would love the opportunity to explain the situation with you when you have the time, but I will say that a parent contacted me last week to say that her 11yr old daughter has admitted that she and several of her friends have been HIDING and then SECRETLY sneaking food since the program began…afterall, who wouldn’t want their snacks AND a prize?!

I am working with other specialists in this area and am supposed to meet with my school’s principal along with a community nurse in the next few days to discuss this further.

I am DETERMINED to do whatever I can to make sure our kids aren’t being taught SHAME and FEAR around food at’s bad enough they get it from society and the media. Shouldn’t school be a safe place?

You would be AMAZED at what I hear from the kids I present to on the issue of body image!

I hope to hear from you as I would love some suggestions on how I can make sure that teachers and principals are getting and then giving the RIGHT messages to our kids.
Thank you,


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