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For every overweight kid, there are even more who THINK they are, but aren’t!

February 16th, 2011

A few weeks ago, I blogged about the “Healthy” eating Program being implemented at my kids’ school. While I commended the staff’s good intentions, it was the execution that I had a problem with..actually SEVERAL problems.

Last week, my fears were realized when the mom of a 6th grader contacted me to let me know that her daughter had admitted that she and several of her friends have been HIDING and then SECRETLY eating snacks since the program started. Afterall, who wouldn’t want to have their snack AND their prize?!

Obviously, this was causing feelings of shame and guilt about the foods they were eating and even worse, about themselves. Another problem was the lack of monitoring that was going on by the teachers; a young boy in grade 4 had to FIGHT with his lunch inspector when he was denied a raffle ticket for not having any dairy products in his lunch, even though he had cream cheese on his sandwich. Apparently, this food “Officer” wasn’t all that familiar with the food groups and was sure that cheese was not dairy. Grrreat.

I also have to wonder about the kids who are allergic to dairy, will they never earn their raffle tickets? I could spend hours explaining in great detail ALL of the flaws attached to this type of program and if anyone wants more information, feel free to ask and I’ll fill you in.

I have spent many hours over the last few weeks, speaking with doctors, nurses, dieticians and researchers who are all dealing with this issue and are just as frustrated as I am! In fact, one ED Doctor told me yesterday that the anti-obesity movement has set us back 15 years! I’ve been saying the same thing. Telling our kids they are fat and lazy isn’t helping them, in fact, truth be told..for every overweight child in Canada, there are even MORE who think they’re fat and aren’t!

There is MORE teasing going on in playgrounds because the little boy or girl who is even slightly larger than his/her peers is shunned and/or mocked by the others.

Food should NOT be feared but ENJOYED with balance and moderation.

I am meeting with my school’s principal for a second time, along with a community nurse…I’m going to make a difference in this school..and then I will bring my message to every school and parent group that I speak to.

We all want the same thing..HEALTHY, HAPPY kids.Let’s work together to make that happen!

I am going to be adding a copy of the letter I sent to the healthy Schools implementation coordinator with the Ministry of Education…They don’t know what they’re in for..I’m tougher than I look!


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