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“Lei Off”..I’m at the gym already! I was at the gym yesterday, waiting for the room to open to the 9:30am spinning class. I was there, towel and waterbottle in hand, ready to get my cardio workout done, when 3 of the gym’s trainers walked by wearing Hawaiian outfits. They were in grass skirts, floral head bands and of course, leis around their necks. I asked what the outfits were for and was told, ” Well, March break is coming up and before we know it, it’ll be summer and we want to remind people that they need to start getting into shape NOW!”

Pardon? Isn’t that what we’re doing? I find this strange and a bit insulting, to be honest. Shouldn’t their target market be people who AREN’T at the gym already?? Are they saying that we’re not working hard enough, or long enough? I have never found fear to be a good motivator when it came to my weight and shape. Don’t try to make me panic about not looking good enough for warm weather!

Maybe a better idea would have been to hand out free gym passes to give to our friends and family who aren’t ALREADY EXERCISING! Just a thought.



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