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Give me back my Sugar Gum!

It’s not such a huge request is it?
The last THREE grocery stores I’ve been to have offered a wide selection of sugar-free gum. They had the blue kind, white kind, green kind, the kind with green or blue flecks, the ones with flavor chrystals and even ones that make your teeth whiter! But I could not find ONE pack of good ol’ fashioned bubble gum! They had bubble gum “flavored” gum, but they were still sugar free with minty undertones. Where did the REAL gum go? You know what I’m talking about; what happened to Bubble Yum or Bubblelicious? Hubba Bubba or Dubble Bubble?
I realize that our society has gone the route of making everything about less calories, but this makes me absolutely CRAZY since, truth be told, a piece of gum with sugar in it is no worse for you than one loaded with artificial sweetener!

Think of it this way, while too much sugar may cause cavities or weight gain, too much aspartame may cause irritable bowel syndrome and headaches. Too much of ANYTHING can have dangerous results, but PLEASE let me decide which risks I would rather take.

Sometimes I really just want to chew on a tasty piece of pink bubble gum; I’m not thinking about calories or tooth decay, just a few minutes of flavorful pleasure before it runs out and gets tossed in the trash. The sugar free stuff just doesn’t measure up and to be honest, it gives me a stomach ache.

I also have to admit that when it comes to my kids, I much prefer them to chew on “regular” gum than the fake stuff because I’m just more comfortable with the evils I know from sugar than the ones I don’t know from the sweeteners.

If stores think that by offering rows and rows of the artificially sweetened stuff makes them appear more health conscious, then by all means, offer it..but why can’t they mix it up a little and ALSO sell some of the sugar stuff for us deviants who want to throw caution to the wind and indulge in a little bubble mayhem?



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