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Not as fun as it looks!

Posted in Uncategorized by fitvsfiction on November 28, 2010
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I was speaking at a high School last week and some boys commented on the “hot” girls they see on TV..I told them that they may THINK it would great to date a girl who spent tons of time on her looks, but the truth could be very different.

Here’s an idea of what it could be like and what could actually be going on under her perfect exterior::

You drive up to her house for your lunch date, completely unaware that she’s spent the last hour trying on everything in her closet, trying to find something that will hide her heavy thighs, wide hips and bulging tummy that only she can see. She answers the door and you’re thinking, “Damn, she looks good!” She’s thinking, “WHY did I wear these jeans, my ass looks HUGE!” She tells you to choose the restaurant and you’re on your way. At the restaurant, the waiter hands you your menus and she hands hers back saying, “I’m not hungry, had a big breakfast. I’ll just have a diet soda.” She’s hoping you can’t hear the growling noises coming from her stomach and realizes that the cup of coffee and half an apple she had for breakfast didn’t fill her up the way she had hoped. Your food arrives and while you dress your burger, you’re thinking about how into you she must be as she isn’t saying much and is listening so intently to what you have to say. Meanwhile, all she can think about is how good your french fries look and is fantasizing about hurling herself across the table and grabbing a bunch! You think it’s cute when she slowly steals a fry off your plate which is followed by 2 more. She must feel really comfortable with you, another good sign. Now you feel like a KING because she hasn’t interrupted you once as you talk about your band, or hockey team, or whatever you’d be talking about, while she’s actually frantically calculating how many calories and fat grams she’s just ingested and how many stairs she’s gonna have to run up in order to undo the damage. As she sits across from you, you see a girl who is so well put together, every hair in place, makeup and nails perfectly done. Then you notice the goosebumps on her arms and are surprised at how cold she is when you reach for her hand. But she knows. She knows just how much makeup it took to hide the breakouts and flaky dry patches on her skin. She knows how much it cost her to get the acrylic nails she had put on when her own started cracking one by one and she knows that she hasn’t felt warm in months. It’s time to leave and when you ask her what she wants to do next, she responds with a very unenthusiastic, “I don’t care.” You sense some tension and when you ask her what’s wrong, she says, “Nothing.”
Knowing that can’t be true, you say, “I know it’s not nothing, what’s the matter?” Again she says, “Nothing. I’m fine!” Now you’re confused. What happened? Did you do something wrong without knowing it? Meanwhile, She’s stressing over the enormous amount of fries she just pigged out on and knows that if she doesn’t start working on getting rid of them, they’ll be stuck to her hips for life! You try to make up for whatever it was you must have done and tell her how much you like her hair, which you do. She snaps back with, “Of course you like my hair, it’s the only thing about me that’s not FAT!” You are even more confused now and say, “What? You’re crazy!” To which she replies, “See?! You said that I’m CRAZY, you didn’t say, YOU’RE NOT FAT! You DO think I’m fat!”


Now you’re afraid to say ANYTHING and just stand there worried that any wrong move can lead to an attack. Finally, she says, “Just take me home, I wouldn’t want your fat date to embarrass you!” You spend the entire drive home replaying what just happened, trying to figure out just when your dream date turned into your worst nightmare. She gets out of the car and you’re not sure what exactly you’re supposed to do now. She makes things easy by saying, “See ya!” as she slams the door and walks into her house. You drive away completely shell shocked and she tells her friends what a shallow jerk you are for dumping her!

FUN, huh?


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