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Celebrity moms and quickie weight loss! (Wombs to rent)

They did it. Why can’t you?

Victoria Beckham did it, so did  Miranda Kerr and it looks like Jessica Simpson might be next. In fact, it’s what all the hot celebrity moms are doing. They’re all delivering their babies and jumping into their itty-bitty bikinis just a few weeks later. What is it about being famous that makes it possible for these women to shed their pregnancy pounds so quickly and seemingly easily, while the rest of us “regular moms” usually spend those first few weeks in our most forgiving lounge pants and oversized shirts? What is it about fame that enables these women to join the mommy club while simultaneously holding on to their Hot Chick status without skipping a beat? Do they know something we don’t? Are they privy to some well guarded secret that allows their bodies to remain virtually unchanged through one of life’s biggest transitions? Perhaps they are just more strong-willed than we are, with superior willpower and dedication?

I think not.

In fact, I think we’ve got it all backwards. Maybe the key to real beauty after childbirth lays with us “regular” moms. In our society, we have a seriously superficial view of beauty. The longer the hair, the tinier the waist, the more perfectly applied the makeup, the better. But as any woman who has raised children will tell you, there may be several times in her life when she sought perfection in her looks, but those first few weeks postpartum were not some of them. Motherhood is messy. A fact that most new moms are willing to accept, along with very little sleep, no time to shower and spit up stained clothing. But it’s that acceptance and willingness to forgo their own basic grooming rituals that makes motherhood so magical and so truly beautiful.

Those famous moms who grace the covers of magazines and who discuss at length, the exact diet and workout plan they followed to return to their pre-baby bodies are missing out on what’s really important. Is it arrogance or ignorance that has them believing that other women even WANT to be like them? In my opinion, these women are seriously misguided.

Several celebrities are all too proud to share their post-baby diet tips. No sooner do they pop their babies out are they on the cover of magazines explaining in detail, how their personal trainers had them enduring grueling four-hour daily workouts, while following some insane cabbage soup diet or master cleanse, in an effort to repair their bodies from the “damage” they’d done during pregnancy. Not to mention what they won’t tell us, like how many of them are requesting tummy tucks during their C-Sections. Are we really supposed to think of them as role models? I remember those first few weeks after childbirth, when I was incredibly tired and just remembering my own name was a huge accomplishment. When combing a brush through my hair and managing a little lip gloss was a triumph worth celebrating. The sheer thought of adding lengthy workout sessions and starvation into the mix didn’t seem like a sensible thing to do. Choosing to focus what little energy I had on my weight would have seemed misplaced.

I honestly believe that we have forgotten the miracle that childbirth is. Show me a woman who has tried unsuccessfully to conceive, and I’ll show you a woman who would joyfully trade her flat stomach and narrow hips for the stretch marks and expanded rear end that can accompany a post pregnant body. Pregnancy is an experience that affects a woman’s body, mind and soul from the minute she decides to conceive. Once pregnant, she then spends nine months growing a HUMAN BEING in her body. Once that baby’s born, it’s time to enjoy this new journey that we’re on, to take care of our babies and ourselves. I resent being made to feel like as soon as the baby’s left my womb, my priority should be getting my body back to its pre-baby state. What exactly am I supposed to be hiding? If pregnancy isn’t a crime, then why do I have to hide all the evidence? Since when did looking like a mom become a bad thing? Mothers are amazing people. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will accept hugs and kisses as payment. We run households with the type of organizational skills that would put most high powered CEOs to shame, and instinctively know how to fix a broken toy, soothe a scraped knee or mend a broken heart. I assume I’m supposed to envy those famously fabulous moms for looking the way they do, but instead I think it’s quite sad.

The truth is, the little person we’ve been waiting nine months to meet couldn’t care less about killer biceps or washboard abdominal muscles, but instead are comforted by the softness and warmth of their mommies who are choosing to spend their time with them instead of their treadmills.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a woman wanting to feel good about her body after childbirth. After all, she’d been renting it out for close to a year and deserves to feel great about herself again. My only point is if a woman is taking care of herself, listening to what her body needs and allowing herself time to enjoy this new and exciting phase of her life, she will be in a much better place to make healthy diet and exercise choices when the time is right.

Celebrate every curve, you’ve earned them!

Marci Warhaft-Nadler is the creator of Fit vs. Fiction. She has appeared in many media interviews on television and in print to discuss the program she delivers to parent groups and in elementary and high schools. Marci can be reached at, and


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